Ultimately the brand owner knows their product and business better than anyone.  The brand owner ultimately has to grow their business and by coaching the owner they are able to implement changes to their business everyday.

The work required to build a successful online business can take a long time and there are no short cuts.  The different audits we offer are split into managable work loads and split into projects that can be completed independently.

Frostlab works for all of our own Frostfire Group brands as well as a limited number of other businesses . Our work with the brands is very involved and requires us to fully understand the brand and actively coach and monitor changes and progress.  For this reason we limit the number of brands we work with to 30.

We primarily help brands who sell a physical product but we do work with some brands who offer services and digital services.  The skills required are the same, although some of the conversion data is different.

For 25 years we have been building our own brands using the same techniques and audits.  The reason for setting up Frostlab was to provide a third party service for our brands and allow our experience to be deployed to more brands.  By coaching brands we are able to be part of their business successes.

Yes we work with brands all over the world.  There is no geographical boundaries with our work and the audits and experience we offer can be applied to brands all over the world.