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In 2005 Frostfire introduced a range of LED real wax candles to Tesco, the second largest retailer in the world.
In 2006 Frostfire introduced the Mooncandle range to TV shopping channels.
In 2012 Frostfire competed with Philips to become the third bestselling indoor lighting product on German Amazon.
In 2006 Frostfire was granted intellectual property rights for the innovative Moonbag product.
In 2012 the Frostfire Mooncandles had 4 products in the top 20 lighting products.
In 2013 one of our brands became the most popular lighting product on Amazon.
In 1999 Frostfire launched the first website designed for the over 50s online market.
In 2004 Frostfire launched the Moonbag at the surf expo trade show.
In 2020 Frostfire scaled one of its products to create a return on ad spend of 27.  £10000 in ad spend created sales of almost £300,000.
In 2021 one of our brands scaled rapidly using Amazon advertising to create almost £1 million in sales.
In 2008 Frostfire created an innovative solar outdoor light which spent almost a year in the top 100 of the Garden and Outdoor category on Amazon.
In 2019 one of our brands was able to scale rapidly direct to consumer via the brand website.  The brand converted at 5.7%, far above the industry average.
In 2014 one of our brands created a night light for the US market, this very quickly became a bestseller.
In 2015 one of our brands created an innovative popup tent which very quickly became the bestselling tent.
In 2022 one of our brands was able to use backlinks and organic search to scale very quickly on Google search.
In 2013 the Mooncandle brand was able dominate the indoor lighting category after competing against 1 million products.
In 2008 one of our brands created an innovative keysafe for the watersports market. This quickly became a bestseller and was able to scale globally.
In 2023 Frostfire was granted its twenty second patent.
In 2022 our Equicoat brand scaled from 0 to 70 retailers in a matter months on the strength of the innovative Equicoat horse riding jacket.
In 2010 one of our brands created an innovate iPhone 4 charger, one of the first to be created.  This went on to sell to many high street retailers.